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Idea Center

The birthplace of cutting edge, creative innovations. Our engineers are passionate about developing best-in-class solutions to bring customer projects to life quickly and efficiently. When companies partner with Accellent, they partner with a dedication to perfection.

Accellent's Idea Center engineers are adept at testing and examining potential devices and processes for flaws and inefficiencies. Our engineers have the know how to test devices so you don't have to—eliminating costly iterations and increasing ROI. Explore our design capabilities to learn more about our testing and analysis capabilities.

The Accellent Idea Center focuses on creative concept development and innovative design to accelerate new medical device product launches for our customers. By integrating knowledge, experience and the latest technology, we rapidly transform ideas into successes.

Partner with the Accellent Idea Center to extend internal design resources and start realizing the benefits of increased idea generation.

Jumpstart your company's product concept development with enhanced creativity. Deliver on development timelines and bring innovative products to market faster. Maximize resources through increased focus and improved portfolio management.

Accellent's design and engineering experts have a proven track record of providing solutions to the marketplace, while meeting and overcoming design challenges.

The Accellent Idea Center ensures:

Speed to Market
Early involvement in the design phase—facilitating innovation, generating more creative ideas and speeding results.

Intelligent Designs
Advanced methods and tools enable Accellent's design teams to predict process capability early on—ensuring targets are met without sacrificing functional requirements, speed to market or cost goals.

Reduced Costs
Efficient processes help drive down product costs by providing feedback early in the design process—ensuring a smooth transition from design to product manufacturing.

Reduced Risk
Focused on the medical device industry, Accellent is a trusted partner—employing FDA-audited design controls and providing regulatory submissions support.

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