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Partnering with Accellent provides our customers with access to an extensive suite of assembly capabilities. With 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space and locations across the globe, Accellent can assure complete business continuity to our customers. Within this space, Accellent leverages the expertise of over 200 manufacturing and process experts to provide an efficient, seamless solution for the production of thousands of unique components, subassemblies and complete devices.

Accellent is flexible and will support our customer's requirements—whether they are for a subassembly or a finished device. Several customers begin with a subassembly only to realize that it is both more cost-effective and faster to engage Accellent to build the final assembled device—including packaging, labeling and sterilization.

Accellent recognizes quality is the most important factor for medical device companies. Our engineers leverage tremendous expertise in producing quality products. Accellent's focus on medical devices means we can bring extensive resources to bear, improving designs, quality and speed to market.

Accellent conducts manufacturing assessments early in the process to tailor our solutions to our customer's needs. We provide a unique solution for every customer, reducing time to market and increasing ROI. Click below to discover more about the breadth of Accellent's offerings.